Help Your Toddler Siblings Get Along Better

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Help Your Toddler Siblings Get Along Better

It can be very frustrating for parents when it seems like their young toddlers just cannot get along. They try to find ways to get them stop, but it just seems like they can’t stop bickering with each other. This is very common among young families, and it is important to understand that parents are not failing their children. Bickering is a normal part of being a sibling, and it will eventually go away. If you are one of these parents and want to foster more friendliness among your toddlers, here are a few things that you can try which can be effective.

Do Not Compare Your Toddlers

Sometimes, dislike for each other can stem from the parents. If you are always comparing your kids to each other, this can harbor feelings of jealousy and unhealthy rivalry. Never say, “Why can’t you behave like your sister?” and things of that nature. This is the quickest way to make your children feel unwanted and inferior. It will also fuel bickering and fighting between your children.

Do Not Interfere

Unless your children are physically hurting each other or taunting each other cruelly, it is best for you not to intervene in their arguments and disagreements. This helps them develop conversational and negotiation skills between each other that can help them resolve their own problems. When you intervene, one of your children is more than likely going to feel like you didn’t take their side. This is something that you definitely want to avoid.


Playing games together is a great way to nurture a relationship between your kids. A good idea is to put your kids on the same team. This will enable them to work together and help each other to meet a common goal.

Encourage Conversation

Try and talk to your toddlers when they are together and foster a conversation (however complex that may be) between them. Peaceful conversations can dwindle down the rivalry a bit, and it forms the base of a great relationship in the future.

There will be times when these methods will not work in getting your kids to stop fighting, but you should not over-worry about this. They are very young, and their conversational and negotiating skills have not developed yet. With great parenting, they will learn to be respectful and patient with each other. All you can do right now is set the foundation for their great relationship in the future.

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