How to Earn Scholarships

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How to Earn Scholarships

Scholarships are great ways students can get free money to go to college. Qualifying for a scholarship isn’t easy. Many have very high standards on who can receive them. Naturally, good grades and test scores are a sure way to qualify for some kind of scholarship. There are many different types, however. Some are based on particular merits that a student has won. Others are for low income families who want their child to go to college. These students also have opportunities to receive financial aid and Pell grants in some states. Here are a few ways you can help guide your student toward earning a scholarship.

Good Grades

Well, this one should be obvious. Having a student with a 4.0 GPA isn’t just something to tell people about, it’s a great boost into qualifying for a scholarship. A lot of high school counselors and administrators can help students find out which of these scholarships they qualify for. A lot of scholarships can be earned through high test scores as well. Doing great on State-run tests can often qualify students to receive free scholarship money. Even students who have dropped out of college can still sometimes earn scholarship money if they do well on their GED test. Keep in mind that these scholarships are for exceptional students. Often they need to score in the 95th percentile of test scores or better.

Scholarships Based on Need

These scholarships don’t often get handed out very easily either, but many of these students automatically qualify. Need based scholarships exist like financial aid. They’re intended to help lower income families earn their college education. In some cases, particular colleges can extend these. Other times, private institutions might do so. Like with grade based scholarships, counselors and administrators at high schools can guide students toward receiving these.

Athletic Achievement

Much like with grade merits, being very good at a sport is a great way a student can earn a scholarship. Often, universities offer excellent athletes the opportunity to join their college and play on their teams by means of scholarship money. A good way to find out if a student qualifies for these scholarships is to contact colleges and ask if they offer scholarship money for exceptional athletic achievement.

Earning a scholarship is usually about being exceptional in some area. However, there countless scholarships out there. Sites like can lead students and parents toward finding out if they’re eligible to receive these free funds.

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