How to Make a Braided Barrette

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Back-to-school season means a new chance to make a first impression. Send your stylish one off with an 80s hair staple: the braided barrette! Old is new again, and so are the compliments she’s surely receive when she sports this preppy look on the first day of school. Here’s how to make a braided barrette:


  • Slide-closure metal barrettes
  • Assortment of beads
  • Assorted ribbon in 1/4-inch width (we used satin, but either satin or grosgrain will work as well)

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STEP 1: Measure the ribbon.  It takes approximately 29 inches of two pieces of ribbon to complete the barrette and leave enough to hang down. Feel free to measure longer if your child has longer hair.  



STEP 2: Thread the ribbon. Find the mid-point of your ribbons, and feed them through the end of the barrette that doesn’t open and close.



STEP 3: Begin braiding. Keeping the ribbons stacked one on top of the other, begin feeding one side through the middle of the barrette, and then the other, going left to right. There should be two passes of one color followed by two passes of the second color. Continue feeding the ribbon through the center in a braiding fashion until you reach the bottom of the barrette by the closure.



STEP 4: Tie a knot at the end. When you have finished braiding to the end of the barrette, tie a double knot with all of the ribbon. Be sure the knot is on the back side so as to not be seen.



STEP 5: Add beads. Thread beads on the remaining ribbon. Add one, two or more using whatever colors you like best! Then your look is complete!


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