How to Pick a Pediatrician

Pregnancy, Trimesters and Fetal Development

While pregnant, your baby is tucked away safe and sound, and you both are cared for by your obstetrician. To keep that little bundle in good hands when your baby arrives, be sure you pick the perfect pediatrician. According to the American Pregnancy Association, many pregnant women begin looking for a pediatrician in their second trimester. Start your search with these top seven questions to ask a prospective pediatrican.

1. How are emergency appointments handled? It is essential that you understand how your child’s doctor will take care of emergency appointments before you need one. Time can be the difference between a little problem and a big one.

2. How long is spent on the average well visit? A doctor that doesn’t rush you through the office is a valuable asset. Find out about how long you can expect to have the doctor’s attention per visit. A good thorough exam provides peace of mind and could catch heath issues early.

3. Are complete explanations given for medication and treatments? Along with the undivided attention of the pediatrician, it’s important that the doctor provide you with the answers to all your questions.

4. How well are parent opinions received? The pediatrician’s patient is your child. Your opinion is paramount in the proper health care of your child — be certain that the potential doctor is open to hearing it.

5. What training and level of education has the doctor attained? It may seem like a no-brainer, but verifying education and credentials should be a part of screening a pediatrician.

6. Does the facility have separate well and sick waiting rooms? There’s no need to infect a perfectly healthy child with the flu when getting a booster shot or yearly exam. A separate waiting room is de rigueur these days.

7. What insurance is accepted at the doctor’s office? Of course, a proper choice of pediatrician can be made without securing the insurance information up front. You may have spent the time to find the perfect doctor for your child, but if your insurance is not accepted at that office, the point is moot.

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