How to Store Christmas Decor


Unpacking and packing Christmas decorations should not add stress to your holiday season. To store Christmas décor, follow these simple tips.

Group it. Organize your holiday decorations into categories or groups. Keep like items with like, or organize decorations by room. For example, plan to store tree ornaments in one box, the Nativity set in another and the garlands in a different box.

Labeled and numbered. When organizing your decorations, every box or container needs to have an easy-to-read label. Make the labels specific. Label the boxes “basement tree ornaments,” “outdoor greenery,” “holiday cards/stationery” and so forth. Number your storage boxes so each year you know how many boxes you have when it is time to bring out the decorations.

Types of boxes. There are many types of decoration storage boxes. Several types of commercial storage containers can be used for Christmas decorations. Clear plastic totes are another option. Purchase totes that are all the same size, so it will be easier to stack them on shelves.

Ornament storage. Opting for a box designed specifically for ornaments can make the packing of these decorations quick and easy, and keep them protected from breakage. suggests archival ornament storage boxes. The dividers in each box are acid-free, and the box itself is safe from ultraviolet light that can age and fade some ornaments. If you store your ornaments in a tote or other container, protect each ornament by wrapping it. Acid-free tissue paper is a good choice to wrap ornaments. Other good packing materials to use after each ornament has been wrapped include bubble wrap, more tissue paper or even old linens or hand towels. Always place fragile ornaments in the middle of a box. Middle placement offers an additional layer of protection if the box is dropped.

Lights. Avoid the nightmare of tangled light strands by taking the time each year to store your lights properly. Save cardboard paper towel rolls to wind strands of lights to keep from tangling. A cardboard square can be a base for lights as well. Make a notch in the top and bottom of the cardboard. Slip one end of the light strand into the notch, and then loop around the cardboard to catch in the bottom notch. Continue looping the strand until it is wound neatly. Consider storing outdoor lights in a commercial storage case that features a spool that holds the lights and allows for winding and unwinding with ease.

Wreaths. It is important to maintain a wreath’s shape and protect its decorations when it is in storage. Consider placing smaller wreaths inside an old pillowcase, and then slip that inside a heavy-duty garbage bag. The bagged wreath can be set flat atop a tote on a storage shelf. See-through wreath bags are available in the seasonal storage aisles of many stores.

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