Learning the Perfect Swaddle

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Swaddling your baby during the first three to four months of his life is a must-do practice if you want to help him sleep and sleep well. Why babies love being swaddled so much may be because it simulates a womb-like environment that comforts them to sleep. Regardless of why, you should know that it works extremely well, even though your baby might protest while you’re putting the swaddle on.  Of course, the better you get, the less he’ll protest!

The problem is that swaddling on can be extremely tricky.  The nurses at the hospital make it look so magically easy. I remember them trying to teach me to swaddle my son with that standard blue and pink striped blanket in like 60 seconds, while I looked on completely dazed and confused. My husband was far better at it in those first few hours, but it still inevitably came loose, and my son would wake up early from every nap because of it.

Right when I was giving up on the idea that it even helped my son sleep at all (on day two!), my friend and her young family came to visit us in our hospital room.  They brought with them some newborn diapers, a cute onesie, and two Velcro swaddles that she had used on her son.  She told me that the Velcro ones were lifesavers, so I was game to try them right away.

She was so right, although now I call them “sleep savers!”  The Velcro swaddles are far easier to put on, and they do a far better job of staying on.  I preferred the two Summer Infant SwaddleMe swaddlers that my friend gave me for the first month, and then added a couple of HALO Sleepsack swaddles (which are great, a tad easier to put on, but a bit looser), so I had four total and didn’t have to wash them constantly.  If you follow the steps with the SwaddleMe, you’re on your way to better baby sleep. Here’s how to swaddle.

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