How Will You Feed Your Baby?

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How will you feed your baby? You’re going to have to choose a method (or a combination) of delivering food to your baby, and sometimes it can be quite a difficult choice.  There’s an amazing amount of pressure out there about which technique is best for babies, and you can also face that pressure from your spouse, family members, friends and/or healthcare professionals. The dominant opinion nowadays is that “breast is best,” but not that long ago, it was to formula feed. So you can see the pendulum will probably always be swinging back and forth. All we can say is that whatever method you adopt will become highly personal to you and even though you’ll likely be asked to, you shouldn’t feel you have to defend your decision—whatever it is—to anyone, ever.  

Just start out with what feels right for you and your family, but keep an open mind once your baby is actually in your arms. Give yourself the option to change your mind, depending on how you feel then. Remind others not to pressure you to do what they want you to do—it’s not their baby, so it’s not their choice. And please remind yourself of this when you want to influence or judge others in their choices too. There’s no greater judgment in the world than mothers of other mothers, so try to remember the Golden Rule and that new parents, just like you, are doing what they think is the very best for their baby. Parent-shaming of any kind shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone.

We have detailed feeding method posts breaking down each option: breastfeedingformula feeding, combination method feeding. No matter what method you go with, we have no doubt that our schedules will help you be highly successful!

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