In Gear: Bellabeat Fetal Doppler

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Pregnant mamas, listen up! If there’s one device you must have during your pregnancy, it’s this one: the Bellabeat fetal doppler.  The Bellabeat fetal doppler works in conjunction with your smartphone to not only hear your baby’s heartbeat, but to track important events like kicks, contractions and more.

Simply download the Bellabeat app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, connect the Bellabeat device to your smartphone via the included cords, and plug in the earbuds, which are included in the Bellabeat package. From there, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat while the app counts Baby’s beats per minute. Record the beautiful sound to share with friends on social networks or via email. You can also track your little one’s kicks: the app timer counts down from 2 minutes while you tap the counter button each time she kicks.


Track Baby’s kicks with Bellabeat. (credit:

Use the app’s prenatal calendar to stay up-to-date on your progress and Baby’s development and size. Or use the weight gain tracker to keep tabs on the scale number. As if all that’s not enough, you can peruse the app’s thorough content library, which includes articles on everything from health and shopping to baby names and breastfeeding advice.

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Bellabeat provides the perfect opportunity to seize the few quiet moments you have left before your bundle of joy makes her big arrival. And it makes the miracle of what’s going on inside your body a shareable affair.

Available at for $129 (and it’s worth every penny!).

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