In Gear: Little Passports

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Whether your child is geographically curious or simply needs something non-electronic to fill his spare time, Little Passports is the perfect solution! Available as a monthly subscription, the Little Passports program offers both world- and U.S.-focused options for kids. Every month, the Little Passports characters, Sam and Sofia, embark on another fun adventure to explore a new country (world edition) or two new states (USA edition). Children receive a starter kit in the mail, which includes all of the tools needed for their adventures. Then, every month, a new travel journal from Sam and Sofia arrives in the mail complete with postcards, stickers, models and more. The travel journals are filled with facts both well-known and obscure, and lively illustrations keep young adventurers completely engaged. Education made fun? You got it!

World Edition if recommended for ages 5-10; USA edition is for kids ages 7-12. Monthly, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions are available. Learn more at

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