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As a mother of three, I have spent more than my fair share of time rocking babies, replacing swing batteries, and schlepping bouncy seats all over the house, to work, and beyond. That said, I have never seen a product like the Nuna LEAF. Considered “luxury baby gear,” I’d concur that this gem is, indeed, luxurious—for both baby and parent. Where to start?!


The Nuna LEAF

The assembly was easier than any baby product I’ve ever put together. Ever. It arrives neatly packed and has two pieces, which easily fit together. Secure the fit, and you’re done, less than a minute from start to finish. The other stand-out feature that makes the Nuna LEAF worth its weight in gold is the fact that no batteries are required. Once you strap Baby in, give it a gently push, and your little one will enjoy a nice, quiet ride for up to two minutes, at which point, you can either give it another gentle push, or let your little one be. The motion is designed to simulate that of a leaf blowing gently in the breeze; if I could climb in and try it first-hand, I would. However, I’ll just have to use my experience and keen observational skills to assure you that your baby will, indeed, be floating … just like the feather in the beginning and end scenes of “Forrest Gump.” (See a demo video for yourself here.)


Other bonus features include:

  • A removable, machine-washable cover
  • A plush organic cotton insert
  • Easy storage and transport
  • Mesh backing, which ensures breathability so Baby won’t get hot
  • Motion lock, so it can be used at feeding time, too
  • Weight support of up to 130 lbs., which means the Leaf can be used beyond baby, toddler and even preschool years

The Nuna LEAF comes in five great colors and is available at for $219.95. 

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