7 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

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Everyone’s getting excited about the holidays, especially your kids! Help them use some of that creative energy with these adorable and easy child-friendly holiday crafts. Not only are these a productive outlet for your child’s holiday excitement, but they’re fun activities for you to enjoy together, and they’ll look amazing decorating your winter home.


Make Colorful Trees with Rice

For a quick and simple Christmas tree look, let your children add some color to a bowlful of rice and then use that and other colorful crafting tidbits to decorate a styrofoam tree! All you have to do is brush the tree with glue and watch your child cover it trunk to treetop in bright details and ornaments.

7 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

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Turn TP Rolls Into Owl Ornaments

If your child loves animals, this winter decoration will be doubly exciting! Upcycle a couple empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes into sparkling white owls to adorn your Christmas tree, mantel, or staircase. It’s as easy as folding, painting, and sticking on decoration.

7 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

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Use Balloons to Make These Yarn Ball Orbs

Have your kids blow up some small balloons, and then set them up with all different colors of yarn. The glue can get a little messy, so you might want to craft outdoors or in the garage. The yarn wrapping will be quick and easy once they get the hang of it, and removing the balloon after their ornament is dry might be the most fun and satisfying part!

7 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

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Cut Construction Paper Into Easy Wreaths

Imagine your child’s surprise when you tell them that they can add their own gorgeous wreath to the front door! This construction paper project is just a matter of cutting out shapes and stapling (or gluing) everything together. It’s that simple, and because it’s just paper, it’s the most budget-friendly wreath you’ll ever make!

7 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

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Make a Snowman From Tin Cans

What child doesn’t love building snowmen in the yard? Well, bring the fun inside, with this tin can snowman craft that they’ll enjoy painting and sticking together. Kids can even add twigs and clothes to their friendly Frosty to make him a little more realistic!

7 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

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Turn Paper Plates Into Pretty Angels

Use some of the leftover paper plates from Thanksgiving dessert and turn them into colorful angel decorations for your holiday home. With watercolor paints and doilies, your child’s perfect angel will be just the right touch of delicate decor that your Christmas tree or mantel still needs.

7 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids



Decorate Pine Cones to Make Sweet Ornaments

After a quick scavenger hunt outside, have your children turn large pine cones into fully decked out Christmas trees you can hang on your actual tree. It’s as simple as setting up some green paint, a few pom poms, sparkles or sequins, and a bit of glue. Think how proud your child will be when they see it hanging on Christmas morning!

7 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

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