Labor Day Family Fun

Labor Day Family Fun

For people accustomed to working Monday through Friday, three-day weekends feel like mini-vacations. Labor Day marks the end of summer. The kids are back to school and extracurricular activities. Mom-taxis are back in business as well. Having family fun while the opportunity is there makes sense. A little planning goes a long way toward saying goodbye to summer in style.

Family Reunion

Getting the extended family together is an excellent way to stay in touch. The children enjoy laughing and playing with cousins. The family connection helps kids to identify with their family heritage.

Labor Day Food

The grill gives Dad a chance to shine and allows for catering to individual needs. Follow up the hamburger with some summer sweetness. Homemade ice cream sandwiches are a wonderful end-of-summer treat; they are also easy to make. Basically, it’s a scoop of ice cream smashed between two frozen cookies.

Food Tasting

This is one for the adventurous. Establish the ground rule that the food has to be something nobody in the family has tasted. Research what exotic foods are available locally. Older children may enjoy “campaigning” for their preference before voting. The family eats at the location dictated by vote.

Backyard Games

A net and volleyball provide family fun. The setup works well for an organized game with equal teams or just a casual one-on-one. Badminton fits into the rotation with ease. Horseshoes is easy to learn and provides a lot of laughs as players attempt to achieve the high score of the day.

Flying Kites

Kites are always a hit with children. The secret is to find a big, open space where the kite can get off the ground while avoiding tree-hazards. Kites are available at hobby stores. Making a kite from scratch is a great option for people who enjoy crafts. Involving the kids in the project extends the fun from creating to flying.

Sporting Event

Finding a local sporting event to attend is a great way to have fun on Labor Day. Rooting for a favorite team is a blast. The family can enjoy some stadium fare as they cheer their team to victory.


The great outdoors provides the setting for an unforgettable family adventure. The kids learn from adults as they help to gather firewood and kindling. It is fun to catch that evening’s dinner. It is wise to take along something nutritious for the grill, just in case. Families tell stories around the campfire while roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.

A successful Labor Day weekend leaves families rested and prepared to tackle the challenges ahead. The key is to find something that strengthens the family bonds while providing memorable fun. Plan your weekend so that it has just the right balance. Choosing too many activities is more work than going to a job! Consult with the family as you decide what activities are right for you. Be safe and enjoy your long weekend; you deserve it.

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