NEW FAVE: Bella Tunno Shift Sack

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Moms (and dads) know how important it is to “connect” with your diaper bag. After all, it becomes like an appendage you rely on … a dumping ground, really … for all-things-Baby. It needs to stand up to everything a parent throws its way, be it a dirty diaper or an un-capped bottle. Enter the Bella Tunno Shift Sack. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways…

NEW FAVE: The Bella Tunno Shift Sack Tote


COST: $45 at

COLOR: Green


The Bella Tunno Shift Sack Tote is, simply, the most enjoyable diaper bag we’ve ever carried. (And with four children, we’ve carried a few!) First and foremost, it’s a large, cavernous catch-all offering ample room for diapers, wipes, bibs, burb cloths, bottles, blankets, a change a clothes, the kitchen sink… Seriously, it’s large, But don’t let the size scare you!

The bag is super-lightweight, which means you won’t get a cramp in your trapezius muscles from the weight of the bag; if the bag is too heavy, that’s on you for packing too much! Take note, though, that there are two small inside pockets and an outside zipper pocket, which save the bag from becoming a bottomless pit from which no item will ever re-emerge. (Organization is key, Mom, amiright?!)

More (and LOTS of) bonus points are given for the easy-clean material. Serious, if a bottle spills or a little poo escapes the dirty diaper you’re carrying around till you find a trash can, a quick wipe-down (with a Clorox wipe, of course!), and you’re good to go. It’s water-, mold- and stain-resistant, sure. But if you first-time moms who are still struggling with germaphobia still feel it’s tainted? Toss that puppy in the washer, and it’s good as new.

The Shift Sack includes a removable wristlet pouch, adorable side ruffles, and a whole lotta style! What’s not to love?!

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