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TGIS, folks! Thank goodness it’s spring! This year’s winter was a bear, amiright? Now that we’ve emerged from hibernation and stretched our limbs a bit, it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous spring months. If your weekends aren’t consumed by your children’s sports teams, then might we recommend you get out and explore either your own hometown or one nearby? A solid hike on a shady, wooded trail is a fantastic spring-time option. And if you have a baby, yes! You can hike too, thanks to today’s new fave, the Deuter Kid Comfort Air!

NEW FAVE: Deuter Kid Comfort Air

COST: $239

The Deuter Kid Comfort Air, $239

The Deuter Kid Comfort Air, $239


We tried all the carriers when our youngest was born. Granted, they were for casual baby-wearing, but you name it, we tried it. And every single time, she screamed the entire time until we took her out. And to the naysayers, yes, we made sure she was fresh from a nap, belly full, etc. It didn’t matter. Hated.Them!

As she has gotten older—9 months already—and with spring in bloom, our family of six is itching to get outdoors. And just because the youngest isn’t walking yet doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a hike (when there aren’t baseball games, track meets, soccer tournaments, violin lessons, tutoring, spend-the-nights and … you get the picture!). Based on our previous carrier experiences, it was with great trepidation that I attempted to put the baby in the Deuter. But what to my wondering eyes (and ears!) should appear? But a happy baby in a hiking backpack (not unlike the one in the below image taken from the manufacturer’s site!

Deuter Kid Comfort Air, in action

Deuter Kid Comfort Air, in action

Admittedly, getting her in the carrier seemed a bit daunting, but I walked through it with a baby doll first, just to make sure I knew the process inside and out before attempting with a live baby. Oddly enough, it was actually quite simple. There’s a five-point harness for Baby, as well as side safety flaps, one of which opens and closes … sort of like side-insertion. And there are stirrups! So your little love can have support for her dangling legs.

What’s in it for you, you ask? Well, a SOLID support—no aching backs here. The “air” part of the name could be taken two ways: either the fabulous ventilation for your back OR that the pack is light as air. Of course there’s all sorts of scientific jargon that supports the name and can be read on the website, but we’re all about keeping things simple here. Plenty of storage, easy access and a KICKSTAND! Features for days make it a bestseller in our books.

Since that first outing in the Deuter, my daughter has grown to appreciate the high-up views she gets when riding in the carrier, and because she’s happy, we’re able to get out in nature … or the grocery store, mall, ballfield, doctor’s office or anywhere else. She loves it THAT much. And that’s enough for me!

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