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It’s a 21st Century world, folks, which means we spend (too) many hours on computers, whether working or playing. But bring kids into the equation, curious creatures that they are, and you’re facing a potentially expensive proposition:

Kids + Computer = Bye, bye, MacBook

But not anymore! It’s time to employ the use of one handy (and genius!) product: the Kid Lid

The Kid Lid keyboard cover protects computers — both Mac and PC laptops. |

Exhale, folks. Yes, that’s a sippy cup this child dares to bring around a computer. But fear not! That kid’s smart parent has a Kid Lid protecting the keyboard! CREDIT:


COST: $39 from

The Kid Lid computer cover protects both Mac and PC laptops. |

The Kid Lid completely covers the keyboard, or it can be folded up to reveal just the mouse for little fingers to navigate kid-friendly websites. CREDIT:


It only takes the loss of one computer to the tiny hands of your sweet muffin to know that something’s gotta change. And the folks at Kid Lid have learned that lesson as well. The Cribsie Award-winning Kid Lid is truly an example of “necessity is the mother of invention.”

The Kid Lid keyboard cover |

The flat, protective board-style Kid Lid provides maximum keyboard coverage. CREDIT:

The Kid Lid takes away the struggle in an affordable and efficient way. The laptop covers, which fit all 15-inch and 13-inch Mac or PC laptops, slide easily over the computer screen and provide perfect keyboard coverage. Available in two models — a fold-up version which can reveal the trackpad, or the flat, protective board-style — the Kid Lid offers maximum keyboard coverage in a safe, BPA-free poly carbonate plastic cover. The flat board is available in white; the fold-up model is available in watermelon and shoreline.

So throw on a video, log in to Netflix, whatever! Let your little ones in on your 21st Century world, and don’t worry about a thing!

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