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Remember when you were a kid and getting new shoes was a super-special treat? You’d head to the shoe store, and you knew that part of the gig was having the shoe salesman measure your foot on the cold, metal foot measurer. “Put your weight on your foot,” he (or she) would say as he slid the little knob thing up to the side of your big toe. And inevitably, the sales person would always recommend going a half-size to a size bigger. You know, since kids’ feet grow so fast! Anyway, nostalgia falls by the wayside as we now live in a time when shoes are self-serve. Drag a box off the shelf at any shoe store, and it’s trial and error. In fact, I don’t recall the last time I had my own feet measured, and I don’t think my children ever have. That doesn’t mean nailing the right size is any less important, though. And THAT, my friends, is where today’s new fave comes into play. Allow me to introduce you to the … the Squatchi!

Keep tabs on growing feet — and get the right size shoe every time — with Squatchi!

Keep tabs on growing feet — and get the right size shoe every time — with Squatchi!


NEW FAVE: Squatchi

COST: $19.99 from


Squatchi comes in multiple colors for $19.99.

Squatchis come in multiple colors for $19.99.



Any parent knows that kids don’t come cheap! And that means that every dime you plunk down for your little loves needs to be wisely spent. Ain’t nobody got time — or money — for shoes bought this week that don’t fit next week! So, pony up for the Squatchi, do a little old-school foot measuring in the comfort of your own home, and off you go to the shoe store. Perhaps wax nostalgic and bump it up a size or so … that’s your call. Get in, get out, get on with things. Plus, Squatchi comes with a little marker to make memories. Keep tabs of where little feet measure up, and you’ll one day look back and marvel at how fast they grow!

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