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Brand new babies … there’s nothing like them. Sure, they love to eat, poop and cry, but sleep? Sleep is where it’s at. Newborns can log 17-18 hours of sleep a day, and lest you train your little love to rely on being held to catch his zzzzs, it’s a great idea to teach him to sleep without having to be held. Of course, there’s no place like Mom or Dad’s arms for a solid snooze, but a close second? On the wings of an angel!

Enter, the Wrapaboo.

The Wrapaboo by Angels on my Pillow |

The Wrapaboo is a soft, snuggly hug. CREDIT:


COST: $295-$345 from

RESTRICTIONS: 0-3 months, up to 20 lbs.

How to use the Wrapaboo |

Wondering how to wrap up an angel? Here’s a great starting point. CREDIT:


The Wrapaboo is a unique and snuggly experience, just like your little lovie. Described as a “receiving blanket,” it’s definitely more of a luxe novelty item … the cashmere throw of Babyland, if you will. We get that. But there is truly nothing softer on your sweet muffin’s skin than the plush “bed” on which the baby lays. A structured headrest offers a soft place to lay a little head. Fold up the blanket portion and wrap your honey love in the soft yet firm angel wings, and it’s off to Sleepytown. Bear in mind, though, that the Wrapaboo is NOT intended to be used as a bed, in a crib or in a play yard. As with most every baby item, only use it under close watch of a responsible adult. (PSA over.)

The Wrapaboo |

Nighty night, sweet angel! CREDIT:

Color options run the gamut. Select from the classic series, which leans more toward traditional nursery pastels, or opt for the “Trend Collection,” which features bold colors that are showing up in stylish nurseries everywhere.

The Wrapaboo is machine-washable (SCORE!!) and non-allergenic, so even the most sensitive baby skin will enjoy an angel hug. And for the all-American family? These little heaven-sent items are all made in the USA.

Snag a little piece of heaven for your own special angel at

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