NEW FAVES: Ingenuity Car Seat & Stroller

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There are a handful of items that all parents purchase for their new babies which must be painstakingly researched and provide the perfect solution for both parent and child. Things like cribs, diaper bags, gliders … the items that you’ll be using and relying upon for the foreseeable future. This list also includes Baby’s car seat and stroller. Many, many miles will be logged, which makes finding the perfect selection so crucial.

Having had four children of my own, I can confirm that I have hauled my fair share of baby seats around, and I’ve strolled many a sidewalk with a variety of strollers. Never, though, have I fallen in love so hard, so fast as I did with Ingenuity’s InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat and InVenture Pro Multi-Functional Stroller. Allow me to rave for a moment about these two fabulous items … my two new favorites!

NEW FAVES: InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat & InVenture Pro Multi-Functional Stroller by Ingenuity

COST: $179.99 at (car seat) & $229.99 at (stroller)


InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat

WHY WE’RE IN LOVE: OK, let’s just go ahead and address the elephant in the room. The prices for the car seat and stroller fall on the north side of average, yes. But again, think of how much time a baby spends in his infant car seat before graduating to something bigger. It’s a fairly substantial amount of time, right? Multiply that by any subsequent siblings who may come along, and you’re getting the most for your money, I can assure you. Now, on to why this duo rocks…

The car seat has a fairly understated look. Dual tones of grey accented by lime green buttons make it a fine unisex option, but color aside, this seat has so much more to offer. The shoulder straps (which have padded buffers on them, by the way!) are super-easy to adjust with a gentle push of the button. Pull them out to make putting Baby in the seat less of a struggle. And once buckled in, a light pull tightens them up again for a secure fit. There’s the standard retractable handle and shade, of course, but on the back of the shade is a “peek-a-boo window,” for when you need to get a quick look at Baby from the front seat.

The seat comes with an infant insert to provide a safe, cozy fit for the tiniest newborns, which is then removed when Baby surpasses the need. But perhaps the most fabulous safety feature of all is the side-impact head rest, which makes this mom feel better knowing my sweet muffin’s little noggin is as protected as possible should anything happen. The seat accommodates babies from 4 to 35 pounds.


InVenture Pro Multi-Functional Stroller

And when it’s time to ditch the car and take a walk, a quick stroller set up is all that’s required. The InVenture Pro Multi-Functional Stroller, which can accommodate children up to 50 pounds, is built for Baby and beyond. Snap the Pro Infant car seat into the stroller and off you go. And when Baby outgrows her car seat, quickly install the toddler seat in the stroller frame, and you can look forward to several more years of strolling.


When Baby outgrows the baby seat, quickly install the toddler seat on the frame for added mileage.

A large, easy-to-access storage basket underneath is a fabulous feature any parent appreciates. And the cup holders up top have rubber stoppers that welcome cups but prevent them from wobbling around and spilling their contents everywhere. There’s a decent-sized covered storage compartment up top as well.

Set up and break down are simple, and the stroller frame is light weight, so there’s no back breaking going on to get it in and out of the car. We simply can not say enough about how much we love this dynamic duo. We truly look forward to many years of happy travel thanks to Ingenuity!

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