NEW FAVES: Mealtime Edition

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Take the ennui out of mealtime with some fun new additions to the baby product landscape. Innovative, stylish and just plain genius, these are some great new options for little ones.

OXO Tot Seedling High Chair

Just when we thought it wasn’t possible to love a high chair any more, along comes OXO Tot’s Seedling high chair. The biggest selling point for us is the rolling/locking wheels. Wheel it out onto the deck for a nice spring supper, or lock it in place in the kitchen. A removable tray makes clean-up super simple, and we love the mod design. The seat liner is machine washable for the messy meals, and easy to spot-clean for the not-so-messy ones. Adjustable straps grow with your little one, and an adjustable seat-back is perfect for those who are not quite sitting on their own. Sensing an adjustable theme here? We love a solid buy that gives a ton of bang for the buck. $119.99 at

Blume Personalized Burp Cloths

For the hipster babe, the only burp cloth option is Blume. These statement-making spit-up cloths come in sets of three, each with a patch that can be personalized with fun words, names, whatever, as long as it’s 12 letters or less! We’re fans of the “eat,” “drink,” “burp” theme ourselves, but go with what you know. They’re made of super-soft cotton and can absorb the sloppiest spit-up your little love can deliver! Available in blue and pink themes; $32 at

Blume burp cloths

Blume burp cloths, $32 for three

BEABA babycook pro

In the world of DIY babyfood, you can’t beat the BEABA. It brings multi-tasking to a whole new level. This all-in-one device steams, purees and defrosts food … all in the same machine. Create up to 4.7 cups that can be easily stored for later, and clean-up is quick. This is the food maker that sets the standard! $149.95 on

BEABA babycook pro

The BEABA babycook pro, $149.95

OXO Tot Grape Cutter

Another slam dunk from OXO is their new grape cutter tool. For any parent who has ever been tasked with the tedious chore of cutting grapes, cherry tomatoes and any other choke-size food into quarters, this little gem is a God-send! Pop the grape into the opening, press the plunger, and out come perfectly quartered grapes that are just the right size for tiny hands to pick-up and eat but not too big to choke on. Genius! $9.99 at

OXO grape cutter

The OXO grape cutter, $9.99

Baby Bjorn Soft Bibs

Long-time baby product innovator Baby Bjorn continues to deliver a quality parenting experience, this time with their soft bibs. Available in one- or two-packs, each bib features a molded “tray” for the missed bites, and they can be washed clean or tossed in the dishwasher (man, we appreciate that!). Easy to put on and secure with the adjustable neck closure, these bibs take the cake. And the Cheerios, puffs, strained pears … anything, really! $17.28 (for two) at

Baby Bjorn bibs

Baby Bjorn soft bibs, $17.28 for two

The Best Baby Food

Regardless of which baby food maker you settle on, you’ll need some guidance on what to make if you ever want to exceed the basics—mashed bananas, mashed peas and the like. The Best Baby Food by Jordan Wagman and Jill Hillhouse features 125 recipes made with whole foods and broken down by age range. Whether you have a beginning eater of 6 to 9 months, an intermediate eater of 9 to 12 months, or an old pro of 12 months and older, you’ll find an array of options to make mealtime delicious and healthy. You will also enjoy tips for sourcing fresh foods, essential nutrition pointers and much more. $19.95 on

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