Newborn Checklist: What Every Newborn Needs

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Newborn Checklist: What Every Newborn Needs
Christa Jackson-Smallwood

A newborn baby doesn’t need a lot, but there area a few things that are critical and a few more things that are definitely convenient.

The critical things start with diapers, either cloth or disposable. Either way, have plenty on hand.

Secondly, you’ll need to have clothing for the baby. It will take more than you think because babies spit up or have diaper leaks and need to be changed from the skin out quite often. Even if your baby is born during the summer, you will need warm clothing. Air conditioning is cold for a baby!

In addition to these two, you will need a place for the baby to sleep. This does not have to be a crib or bassinet, but it has to be safe, comfortable and easily changed. Even if the baby will sleep with you at night, you will need a place for her day time sleep that’s comfortable and neither too cold nor too hot.

Sheets, light blankets and heavier blankets are necessary to keep the baby warm and comfortable. Have a few more on hand than you think is necessary because they can get wet or dirtied several times in a day.

Fifth, a newborn baby will need bathing supplies. Baby shampoo and bath wash, along with a soft washcloth and a soft towel will do. A baby bathtub isn’t necessary, but it’s convenient.

A changing table is also convenient, but some people never use them. If space is a problem, do without one, but if you have room, a changing table can be put to good use.

Storage space! Where are you going to put all those clothes, diapers, blankets and sheets? A dresser dedicated to the baby is almost a necessity. You will fill it up more quickly than you think.

If you use disposable diapers, you will need an area to store those big boxes and if you plan on using cloth diapers, you’ll need a pail or container to hold the used diapers.

Being prepared with what you need ahead of time will allow you to bring baby home to a more serene and organized home, which will help both of you adjust to your new lives.

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