NEW FAVE: The PIPA and PEPP by Nuna

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It’s no secret that we’re big Nuna fans here at The Nuna Leaf is definitely a luxe lounger for the newborn to preschool set. But we’ve recently been introduced to the Nuna PIPA carseat and PEPP stroller combo, and let’s just say that the Nuna name continues to impress!

The PIPA carseat is the luxury carseat to beat them all, and candidly, it’s because of one key feature: the sun shade. The carseat is fabulous as a whole, sure, but the zip-out shade — or “dream drape,” as it’s technically called — is the super-innovative piece de resistance that snags the top prize. Unzip the canopy to reveal the shade, which magnetically attaches at two points on the seat and therefore provides privacy and sun protection for little riders. Genius!

The PIPA car seat

The PIPA dream drape magnetically attaches at two points on the carseat and provides privacy and protection from the elements.


Other winning features of note include:

  • Easy in, easy out of the base. And we mean really easy. No wrestling to release on this bad boy.
  • A cloud-soft newborn insert. It’s super-cushy and we imagine it’s like sleeping on a bed of marshmallows, and it keeps brand-new babies snug as bugs.
  • Easy-adjust straps. A quick button push releases the straps, and a quick tug tightens them up.
  • Removable strap pads. Soft and padded cushions wrap around the seatbelt straps to provide the most comfortable ride possible.
  • A stabilizing kick-stand. Ensure a level (and therefore safe!) seat with the adjustable stabilizing leg.
  • The mesh peek-through window. Lift the cover, and sneak a peek of your little love.

The PIPA car seat

The cloud-soft infant insert provides a snug ride for newborns.

The PIPA car seat

The PIPA car seat base features a stabilizing leg to ensure the proper placement for maximum safety.

It’s worth noting that the PIPA has a companion stroller in the Nuna PEPP. The PEPP, however, is a bare-bones ride. The lack of a parent console up top for drinks, keys and the like definitely deducts points, but it makes up for it with a sleek design as well as standard options such as a footbrake, an underneath storage basket and removable toddler seat. And the lightweight frame and easy collapse make it a worthy investment.

The PEPP stroller

The Nuna PEPP stroller is a worthy companion to the PIPA.

COST: PIPA seat with base: $299.95 (additional bases are $149.95); PEPP stroller: $299.95. Find retailers and learn more at

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