Parenting Issues for Same Sex Parents

Parenting Issues for Same Sex Parents

Parents today are up against unique challenges when it comes to taking care of their families. Children are exposed to so many pressures through social media, television, and movies that they often cannot understand why their parents put limits on them or discourage them from engaging in certain activities. The challenge of raising happy and well-adjusted children is nothing new to same sex parents. As they face the challenge of bringing up their families in an increasingly hectic society, same sex parents can enjoy success by being consistent and setting firm boundaries.

Children of any age are going to test their boundaries. Whether it be a toddler trying out his or her words or a teenager testing the limits to his or her personal freedom, that child needs the security of firm boundaries set forth by both parents. Sometimes same sex parents experience sassiness from a child who, in a moment of anger, refuses to recognize one parent as a legitimate authority figure. Both parents are encouraged to resist giving into the child’s insolence, but rather calmly show a united front against the child’s misbehavior. Children who sense that one parent is easier to control than the other often plays the weaker parent against the more defined authority figure. It is important that same sex parents work as a team and show children that parenting decisions come from both individuals rather than from one parent. Showing a united front in all matters allows the children to feel secure and loved, even if they occasionally rebel or act hostile.

Same sex parents also must help their children cope with pressure from their peers to conform to what these peers deem acceptable. Many children today grow up without both parents at home. While the children of same sex parents enjoy the stability of having two parents at home, they may face ridicule from classmates about the fact that they do not have a mom or dad at home with them. Society is making strides in accepting same sex parenting; however, children often mimic the behavior of their parents. If the peers’ parents deem this lifestyle to be unacceptable, their children react negatively to classmates who live in same sex parenting households. Parents who explain to their children that they are loved, provided for, and safe can help their kids cope with pressure. Ultimately, children look to their parents for comfort and acceptance.

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