Quick Feta-Stuffed Fig-Glazed Chicken


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In between runs to basketball practice for Sam, I threw together this chicken dish. I usually have chicken quarters on hand, as we all love the dark meat. They’re also super cheap and easier and quicker to cook than a whole chicken. This night, I stirred together some (Braswell’s) fig preserves, soy sauce, and the juice of one orange. I sprinkled the chicken quarters with some garlic powder, kosher salt and pepper, stuffed some feta cheese-under the skin and poured the preserve mixture over it. I tossed in some prunes, and baked for about an hour at 375F uncovered. When the chicken was done, I tossed a bag of 90 second Uncle Ben’s original rice in the microwave and served it topped with the yummy juices from the chicken. Yum.

—By Jill Melton, Editor

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