Springtime Activities for Children

Growth and Development, Sports and Activities

The snow has melted. The flowers are blooming. These easy, inexpensive activities to do with your kids will help you appreciate that spring has finally sprung.

Go to the park. Your kids have likely been cooped up since Thanksgiving. It's time to get outside. Your local park has playgrounds, grass, walking trails and other kids who have also been been itching to get out and play.

Plant a garden. It doesn't have to be the size of Iowa. With nothing more than a flower pot, you can plant square foot garden. Plant a few seeds with your kids and help them along throughout spring and into summer. Your kids will be amazed at how much beauty a tiny seed can bring.

Take a hike. Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year to head to the hills for a causal hike. If you want to take a longer trip, be sure to take plenty of water and snacks (read: bribes) for encouragement.

Go fish. The card game is an excellent option year round, but the actual throwing of a baited hook attached to a line attached to a pole is an excellent spring activity.

Study flowers. Head to your local park to examine the colors, leaves and location of spring plants. If you don't know much about plants, pick up an inexpensive guidebook and make the trip a learning experience for everyone.

Ride a bike. The bikes your kids got for Christmas have been sitting in your garage for months. It's about time they were ridden.

Have a great spring!

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