How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable in Hot Weather

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Baby Sun Safety
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When you can’t stand the heat on that 90-degree day, you take actionable steps to cool off — like changing into lighter clothes, getting some shade, sipping on ice water or turning up your AC. Babies, on the other hand? They can’t exactly tell you what they need to feel their best when the sun comes out to play, so it’s up to parents to help keep them comfortable all summer long.

Stay in the air conditioning during peak sunlight hours.

From around 10 am to 5 pm, the sun is giving off its harshest, most direct light — which your little one is better off avoiding. Sunburns will make sensitive skin extra uncomfortable, and the less sunscreen you can apply on your littlest family members, the better. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies under six months should wear lightweight clothing that covers their arms and legs so that they only need a minimal amount of 15 SPF sunscreen on the backs of their hands and face. (Children over six months should apply SPF every two hours, but still stay away from too much sun exposure.)

Opt for shade, cool clothes and a sunhat.

While outside, try to avoid peak sunlight hours — and hit the shade whenever you head outdoors. Large umbrellas are great investments for summertime playtime and picnics! In addition, choose breathable cotton clothes for your baby. If you’re outside, pick long-sleeved shirts to protect sensitive skin from sunlight. Indoors, opt for sleeveless attire if your baby seems happy and comfortable!

Sun Safety Tips for Baby

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Keep your little one hydrated.

Watch for signs of dehydration in your baby, which tend to include flushed skin and rapid breathing. Babies under the age of six months should not drink water. Let your infant feed as often as she’d like; if she’s breastfeeding, she may sip shorter and more frequently, since foremilk is thinner and more satisfying in hot weather than the breast’s thicker, denser hindmilk. Babies older than six months can sip a little water, but should still hydrate with milk and “cool” foods if they’re on solids — think fresh fruit, like blueberries and pears when age-appropriate.

Diaper with extra care.

The heat and humidity can increase the incidence of diaper rash, so take extra steps to make sure your baby isn’t dealing with added irritation. You may want to change your baby’s disposable diaper more frequently, switch to a breathable cloth diaper during the summer months or add in a diaper rash cream like Boudreaux’s Original Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment to protect sensitive skin.


Cool down effectively.

If your baby is overheated during the day and a little fussy at bedtime, you can sponge him down with cool or lukewarm water (not cold) at bedtime to calm skin. Have him sleep in a light breathable t-shirt or tank top and diaper only, with the thermostat set to a comfortable temperature. Your baby should drift off to sleep, ready to tackle the next hot day in just a few hours!

How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable in the Sun

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