Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy, Trimesters and Fetal Development
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Pregnancy causes a woman’s body to undergo many changes. Before you have even taken a home pregnancy test, your body may begin sending signals to you. While every woman and her pregnancy are different, several pregnancy symptoms are universal.

Early symptoms. One of the first symptoms you may experience with pregnancy is a delayed period. This symptom may prompt a home pregnancy test, leading to the discovery of your new condition. In the first trimester of pregnancy, from conception to the 14th week, nausea is a common symptom. For some women, it’s morning sickness, which can begin as early as three weeks after conception, according to the Mayo Clinic. For others, the nausea can last throughout the day and into the night. Nausea frequently is accompanied by vomiting. Many women experience fatigue early in their pregnancy and throughout the first trimester.

Common symptoms. Several pregnancy symptoms manifest due to hormone increases, including headaches, mood swings and tender, swollen breasts. Some women may need to increase their bra cup size during pregnancy. Wearing a too small bra over tender, swollen breasts can be uncomfortable and even painful. Sometimes a pregnant women’s areola darkens early in the pregnancy and remains the darker color throughout.

More symptoms. When you are pregnant, your body can feel like it’s under attack. Pregnant women may experience constipation, heartburn and dizziness. Backaches are common as the baby grows and additional weight is gained. Many women crave certain foods and may develop an aversion to other foods and/or certain aromas. Don’t panic if you suddenly can’t stand the smell of your favorite fried chicken. Chances are after the baby is born, you will be able to enjoy the aroma again. Increased urination is another common symptom, especially at night. This symptom may continue and get worse as the baby grows and your uterus presses on your bladder. Laughing, sneezing and coughing can cause urine leakage when you are pregnant.

It is important to remember that if have any questions or concerns regarding any of your pregnancy symptoms, consult your health care provider.

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