4 Tips for Your Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

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When one table isn’t enough on Thanksgiving, send your family’s youngest members off to a separate spread set just for them. In creating the table, a bit of TLC with an extra dose of fun will go a long way and keep your kids from feeling banished by the dining room settlement. Here are our top four no-fuss tips:

  • Ditch nametags and designate seating with labeled goodie bags instead. Fill each sack to the brim with healthy treats like granola or trail mix and secure with a snippet of ribbon.
  • A table of youngsters guarantees spills and the occasional plate drop. Lay down brown butcher paper instead of linens and set with festively colored plastic settings rather than china. For tabletop entertainment, provide crayons and encourage kids to get creative on the “tablecloth.”
  • Get centerpieces in on the fun by making a Thankful Tree. Start by spray painting a variety of sticks gold, orange, brown and red. Then place in a vase in the center of the table. Scatter multiple blank nametags around the display and instruct all your little Pilgrims and Indians to write what they are thankful for during dinner. Once they fill a nametag ask them to hang it from one of the branches.
  • Kids will be kids, but no one wants to clean up a dining scene straight out of Hook. So be sure to place the table within eyesight to keep things under control and to make little ones feel connected to the celebration.

—By Emily Arno

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