The 5 Best Apps for Pregnant Women

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Pregnant? Congratulations! It’s likely you just can’t get enough info on all of the amazing things that are taking place inside you. If you’re looking for interesting, educational and entertaining tidbits about your entire pregnancy, check out these top apps for pregnant women.

Pregnancy & Baby App


From the motherbrand of all-things-pregnancy comes this dynamic—and free!—mobile app by What to Expect. Get the week-by-week play-by-play of all of the amazing changes and developments taking place inside you. With the beginning of each new week, you’ll get a point of reference for how big Baby is—as big as a peach, a mango, etc. You’ll also get info on the most common symptoms you may be experiencing at your particular stage in pregnancy as well as daily tips, insightful in utero videos, what’s changing in Baby, and what’s happening in your uterus. Track your thoughts and photos in the journal, and join the conversation in the community section.

Baby Bump Pregnancy


Keep up with your progress and countdown the days till you meet your little bundle with Baby Bump. Enjoy daily tips as well as information on how your baby is changing each week. Helpful illustrations help you understand what’s going on inside as you see your bump beginning to grow outside. Useful tools include a pregnancy journal, appointment tracker and feelings log. Upgrade to the pro version for $3.99, and you’ll gain access to even more fun and handy features like the baby name guide, kick and contraction counters and more.

Health & Parenting Pregnancy


Log in each day and you’ll be greeted with a friendly hello and update on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Plus you’ll receive useful daily tips, your baby’s size and weight estimates and lovely images of what your baby looks like at this stage in pregnancy. A useful organizer allows you to track doctor visits, preparatory shopping lists to help ensure you’re fully equipped for your new family member, a naming guide and more. Mom can also track her exercise and diet, weight and make a birth plan. This one app packs a heck of a punch; there’s no way to not be ready at the end of the pregnancy journey!

Due Date Plus


This new app made for moms by moms is a unique option in that it truly customizes the pregnancy experience. Track upcoming milestones, such as when you cross the threshold into a new trimester, when you can expect your ultrasound and gestational diabetes test, and more. Watch the week-by-week ultrasound videos to get a better idea for what’s going on inside you, and use the weight gain calculator to make sure you’re growing at a healthy rate. A basic health history form helps you understand more about potential risks, while the symptoms and issues area can help put you at ease or alert you of when you should call your OB.



While Sprout has all the typical bells and whistles pregnant women have come to expect from their pregnancy apps, Sprout is more of visual standout than the others. In addition to the weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer, the amazing images and 3D models make your pregnancy come alive on your mobile device. Another impressive feature is the pregnancy timeline, which tracks various milestones to look out for and expect throughout your 40-week journey. Things like screening tests, anatomy ultrasound and more. Of note: A lite version is available free of charge.

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