The Dangers of Teens "Smoking" Alcohol

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The Dangers of Teens "Smoking" Alcohol

With drugs becoming increasingly easier to access, parents must constantly be on the look out for signs that their kids are stepping over the line. Teenagers are especially susceptible to trying new things, some of them may not think the whole thing through, while others may fall under the spell of peer pressure. As a parent, it is our responsibility to watch for subtle changes that may not be obvious, especially if we hope to protect our children.

Teenagers always believe that they know everything, remember when we were that age, so if they think that there is something that parents will not approve of, they will be very secretive about it. The new craze that puts children in the path of alcohol and smoking, has raised many questions, one of which is, what’s the danger?

Depending on who you ask, either alcohol or cigarettes can be bad for you, but when you smoke alcohol, you are not giving it enough time to make it through the system. You are eliminating all the buffers and allowing it to go straight to the brain. The process is almost immediate and can cause the user to end up in the ER with alcohol poisoning.

From a parent’s point of view, they should be ready to express their concerns for the trend, as they explain to the teen that this new phase could cause them to wind up in the morgue. Parents should be willing to share their experiences with alcohol and the difference between how they handled drinking at their age. They should not be confrontational, but be ready to point out the dangers in this new method of getting high.

Teenagers are not always willing to listen to reason, but with the right amount of knowledge, parents may be able to tactfully open their eyes to the consequences. Teenagers should also be made aware of the fact that even though they are technically not drinking, they can still get caught up in a DUI, just as if they were.

Of course, if your teen is unwilling to admit that they are taking part in this new craze, the parent will have to find out on their own. The parent should keep an eye open for the teen acting more moody than usual, or their own alcohol being reduced without any warning. The solution to controlling this dangerous craze is for both parent and teen to educate themselves on the consequences.


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