Tips to Overcome New School Anxiety

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Tips to Overcome New School Anxiety

With August just around the corner, many children find themselves faced with the daunting notion of starting in a new school this fall. Whether the result of a family relocation or simply moving up in grade level, a new school can be intimidating regardless of the situation. Fortunately, there are some things that families can encourage to help make the transition easier for these kids.

Get Involved

For younger children, it is a huge advantage when parents know other parents. Play dates can create familiarity and give the student the chance to find a friendly face in the crowd. For older children, clubs and activities allow the child to find new friends and social groups. Either way, involvement on the part of both parent and child is important.

Stay Positive

It is easy to focus on what was left behind. However, new schools represent new opportunities. It is important to constantly remind children that this new opportunity will allow them to make new friends and learn more about themselves. The best way to do this is through constant modeling of a positive mental outlook.

Protect Sleep Time

Nervousness often breeds restlessness. That can cause kids to become sleep deprived. This not only causes them to perform poorly at their new school, but also has been shown to increase the likelihood of the child to frame their experiences in a negative light. Proper sleep ensures that a child puts their best foot forward.

Learn About The School

A great deal of information about a school is available to parents. Families should learn as much as they can about their new location prior to the start of the school year. This ensures that the child has the best possible chance to seamlessly integrate into their new environment.

Visit First

Along with learning about the school prior to attending, it is a good idea to arrange a visit. A great deal of a child’s anxiety is formed from being unsure about the physical location of things. A summer visit can help alleviate that anxiety.

By following these tips and remembering to show support and patience for the student, a child can have a comfortable transition to a new school. Even though setbacks are bound to occur, the impact they have on a child’s self confidence can be mitigated with a few simple steps.

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