Top 10 Favorite Children's Movies

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Children’s movies run the gambit of providing life lessons to just mindless fun. Regardless of their message, some children’s movies stand out from the pack. These ten films have left an indelible impression on children.

1. The Wizard of OZ
Entertaining children since 1939, this exciting adventure of Dorothy as she explores strange lands and makes new friends is the basic formula for fun, done perfectly.

2. Toy Story
Pixar changed the face of children’s movies, and Toy Story was the first film to display the innovation at work in Pixar.

3. Babe
This Academy Award winning film is a simple story that resonates with children and adults alike. The special effects delight small children, while older children can appreciate the heartfelt and developed dialogue.

4. Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins struck a chord with audiences thanks to superb acting and a perfectly whimsical story line. Whether racing merry-go-round horses or enjoying tea on the ceiling, the characters in Mary Poppins offer all the makings of a classic family favorite.

5. Pinocchio
Pinocchio is the movie that taught us all to wish upon a star. This tale of a puppet who just wanted to be a real boy imparts life lessons about telling the truth and more importantly, being truthful to yourself.

6. The Sound of Music
The world of musicals isn’t always appropriate for children but the fun-loving nun played by Julie Andrews created a child-friendly tale in The Sound of Music. With favorites like “Do-Re-Mi” and “My Favorite Things,” viewers will find something to sing about.

7. Monsters, Inc.
Monsters, Inc. melds scary monsters with massive fun. Kids love being a little scared, and Pixar presents the scary possibility of monsters under the bed with the wacky antics of main characters Mike and Sully.

8. E.T.
E.T. is another family classic that has stood the test of time. The heartwarming message of the film coupled with the sci-fi basis of an alien landing on Earth makes it a hit to this day among children.

9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
What child doesn’t dream of having free rein in a factory packed with candy? The comedic genius of Gene Wilder only amplifies this fantastic tale of a boy and his fun-loving grandfather as they enter the wild world of Wonka.

10. Matilda
Matilda is a movie that doesn’t pander to children. Instead, the film tells a rich story about the power of believing in yourself—through the eyes of a very special, very clever little girl.

These films provide a wide variety of choices for all ages, making for the best of family-friendly fun at home.

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