Top 10 Favorite TV Parents

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Top 10 Favorite Television Parents

Throughout the history of television, situational comedies have featured families (functional and dysfunctional) complete with some of the best, most entertaining parents in television history. Here’s our

list of the top ten sets of parents in television history.

10.  Al and Peg Bundy – well, they were just Al and Peg at their best. 

9.  Zeek and Camille Braverman – Zeek and Camille Braverman of the hit NBC show Parenthood represent a modern set of grandparents. When their oldest daughter comes home with her children from a failed relationship, they become parent to both their daughter and grandchildren.

8.  Elyse and Steven Keaton – Elyse and Steven Keaton were the mother and father of the Keaton family on the hit NBC show Family Ties.  Elyse and Steven Keaton were former hippies and very liberal. Their children, on the other hand, were quite the opposite. This often led to a humorous clashes between parents and children. 

7. Phil and Claire Dunphy – Phil and Claire Dunphy are the patriarch and matriarch of the Dunphy family on ABC’s massive current hit, Modern Family. The Dunphy parents bring many laughs and much relatability to the show, with Phil’s methods of “peerenting” and Claire’s obsession about a clean house.

6. Samantha and Darrin Stevens As the two main characters of the classic TV series Bewitched, Samantha and Darrin Stevens represent an exaggerated dysfunctional family. Samantha, a witch, decides to forego the magical life and marry the mortal Darrin, much to the dismay of her magical family.  She delighted viewers for many years with her attempts to balance magical and mortal life situations.

5. Peter and Lois Griffins – The Griffins of Family Guy, immature parents encountering various comical mishaps keep us laughing, and who doesn’t love a talking dog.

4. Fred and Wilma Flintstone – Fred and Wilma Flintstone come from the classic Hanna-Barberra cartoon,The Flintstones. Set in prehistoric times, Fred and Wilma reflect the family unit of the first half of the twentieth century: Fred is the witty working man while Wilma is the loving housewife who keeps Fred grounded.

3. Homer and Marge Simpson – Homer and Marge of The Simpsons are television comedy gold: immature parents raising eccentric children. The show often features the mishaps of Homer as much or more than it features the adventures of his three children.

2. Mike and Carol Brady – Mike and Carol Brady, the two people who formed The Brady Bunch, represent one of the first blended families on television. With Mike’s three sons and Carol’s three daughters, the eight Bradys and their housekeeper Alice made a family whose adventures millions tuned in to watch every week (and still do).

1. Cliff and Claire Huxtable Cliff and Claire Huxtable of The Cosby Show are the perfect television parents. Being the patriarch and matriarch of the first television show to feature an affluent black family as the main characters, Cliff and Claire both manage successful careers while parenting their five children and eventual grandchildren with style, grace, and a lot of humor.

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