Top 10 Fun Family Games!

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Top 10 Fun Family Games

When the moment for family bonding arises, often the chaos of finding something that everyone can participate in overrides the activity. Below are the 10 fun-filled family games, to help take the brain-work out of your planning!

A great choice for family night, Jenga has simple directions and one objective: don’t knock the tower down! The nerve-wracking combination of excitement and tension as the tower begins to wobble will have the whole room enthralled!

Nothing is better than a twisted tangle of arms and legs trying to stay upright in this hilarious game! The people on the sidelines will have just as much fun giggling over the funny poses the players get stuck in as the competitors themselves!

A good old-fashioned party game, not only is it fun to play, it will encourage your children’s creativity and flex their nonverbal communication muscles! For a fun twist with timed turns, check out Guesstures by Hasbro.

Another Hasbro creation, this game NEVER gets old! The game itself is entertaining, but the real intrigue is waiting for that moment when one lucky player gets to set the trap off!

Whether its the original or a new rendition, Monopoly will not only provide hours of fun, it will begin to teach your children about money early on. Have everyone take a turn being the banker, and take advantage of the opportunity to work with your kids on money counting and proper change.

Scene It?
Does your family watch a lot of movies together? Scene It? by Screenlife Games is the perfect choice for you! A nice break from the traditional board game, scene it engages the whole family in movie trivia fun.

Anything Wii
Get up and moving with a game on Wii! Whether your family likes dance-offs or sports, Wii offers a wide variety of action-packed games that everyone can enjoy.

This classic will simply never get old! Have fun guessing with this mysterious board game, and encourage your kids to keep their thinking caps on!

Apples 2 Apples
Great for big and small crowds alike, this game will provide lots of laughs and help teach your kids about adjectives and categorizing.

Another great game to stretch the mind and work on word formation and spelling. Throw in a fun round or two where all the words have to be made-up, and your kids get to tell you their definition!

Most importantly, improvise and have fun! Sure games come with rules, but dare to invent your own unique twists for your family to enjoy!

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