Top Food Allergy Awareness Tools

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Warning - No Peanuts Allowed

There have long-been stickers and patches to warn people about a child’s food allergy, but other products designed to highlight a food allergy have hit the market in recent years. While they’re not absolutely necessary, and some children may not want to advertise their allergies, these food allergy awareness tools may offer peace of mind for all parties involved.

Rubber bracelets. These aren’t your grandmother’s heavy medical alert bracelets. These trendy, colorful accessories let people know that the wearer has a nut or dairy allergy—or even an allergy to medication like penicillin. Top sellers include Allerbling and AllerMates.

Buttons. Pin a button like this one from Creative Clam to your young child’s diaper bag or backpack so that caretakers and others know about the allergy.

Lunchbox tags. If the school cafeteria doesn’t have an “allergy-free” zone, you can still keep people apprised of your child’s food allergy with a lunchbox tag like this one.

Dog tags. Medical alert dog tags like these from Fashion Alert might appeal to a slightly older child who may want to discreetly tuck the necklace under his or her shirt.

Carrying cases for epi-pens. While these aren’t designed for allergy awareness, products like the EpiPuppy can make the Epi-pen-packing requirement a little more playful and a little less rigid.

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