Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

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A plump, juicy turkey takes center stage during most holiday dinners, and more often than not, there are leftovers to manage. Whether you cook your time-honored family recipe or order your bird cooked and "ready to go" from your local store, think of leftover turkey as a no-stress convenience item.

If you have extra wild rice and cranberry sauce, your meal planning strategy just became simpler.Sweet and savory Turkey Apricot Salad combinesleftover wild rice and turkey with dried fruit and is perfect for a light entrée salad.For a hearty dinner, combine leftover turkey with jarred pasta sauce, frozen spinach and no-boil noodles for a new take on lasagna. For a make-ahead, overnight egg casserole, create Turkey Bread Pudding Florentine with leftover turkey and vegetables.Make it the night before, refrigerate, and pop in the oven the next morning.

Instead of using all the turkey within a few days, freeze it in plastic containers or plastic bags in small portions then pull out as much as you need for a quick dinner another night.Think of turkey as the "new chicken" and toss it into any recipe.

These easy, everyday recipes are prepared with a healthier approach—so you can indulge without the bulge.

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