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As the temps drop, sometimes there’s nothing better than staying in with the family and enjoying a good old-fashioned game night. Family game nights are a fun way to spend quality time together and create traditions that you and your kids will cherish for years to come. Throw in some tasty treats, amusing décor and enticing prizes, and you’ve got a night full of laughter, learning and serious fun. Intrigued? Here are a few ways to take your next family game night to a whole new level.

Set the Mood

Turn an average night in to an all-out celebration with some fun decorations! We recommend starting with a color theme and building from there to tie everything together. Grab some streamers, balloons, garlands and playful photo props like face masks, silly hats, and funny glasses to keep things exciting – even when the games are done!

Choose your Games

The Ultimate Family Game Night

When choosing games for family night, consider the ages of the kids playing, their specific interests, and the games you liked to play when you were younger. For tiny tikes ages 6 and under, we recommend THE Operation game, Hungry Hungry Hippos game, Trouble game, Sorry game, Connect 4 game and Twister game. For kids over 7, opt for favorites like the Monopoly game, Scrabble game, The Game of Life game and Battleship game.

Pick the Prizes

We always recommend providing a few fun party favors like mini grab bags for the entire family, but it’s also key to reward your best players with some goodies, too. The good news? Prizes don’t have to be expensive — they can range from anything like choosing dinner for the next evening, to a special outing of their choice, to picking the next game everyone plays. Create a winner’s board on a large sheet of paper with everyone’s face to keep track of the evening’s top players. Every time a player wins, move their face up and see who reaches the top first.

Initiate an Intermission

The Ultimate Family Game Night

Instead of plopping down on the couch until the next game begins, break up each game with an anything-but-boring intermission. Between each game, put on your family’s favorite song for a little sing-a-long, ask someone who’s musically gifted to play their favorite instrument, or teach yourself to perform a simple magic trick to keep spirits alive (and brains buzzing!).

Snap Some Shots

The Ultimate Family Game Night - Advertisement

Last but definitely not least, make those memories last! Snap some cheer-filled photos of your family engaging in a game, take cool shots of game boards and more from unique perspectives, and capture everyone’s delightful expressions when they’re in the zone! Whether you’re putting together an album, printing some photos to frame around the house, or sharing some shots on social media, taking photos is a great way to celebrate these fun, precious moments.

Ready to let the fun begin? We thought so! Game night is a great way to connect with those closest to you and maximize the time that you have with your family. Get your family game on and learn more about Hasbro Gaming here:

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