What Are Amber Teething Necklaces?

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Amber teething necklaces are a type of jewelry designed for teething babies and toddlers to wear to ease the pain and discomfort of teething. The necklaces are not designed for the young children to place in their mouths and gnaw to sooth pain, but to lie upon the skin, relieving pain in two ways.

Absorption. One theory states this type of necklace soothes pain because the skin’s natural warmth releases tiny amounts of oils from the amber beads. The child’s skin absorbs these healing oils into the bloodstream, which then relieves teething pains. The oils have succinic acid, found in almost all plant and animal tissue and sometimes used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Natural energy. Another theory regarding the healing properties of amber is that of natural energy. Baltic amber, the national gem of Lithuania, it is a fossil resin thought to be electromagnetically alive, producing significant amounts of organic healing energy. Placed next to the skin, its natural energy is said to have healing properties.

Pros of amber teething necklaces. Parents wishing to sooth a child’s pain and discomfort from teething may feel the natural amber necklace is an alternative to over-the-counter pain reliever medications.

Cons of amber teething necklaces. While limiting the amount of over-the-counter medication you give to your baby or toddler may be a parental choice, safety precautions should never be overlooked. An amber teething necklace — or any jewelry — worn around the neck or even an amber bracelet worn around the wrist can catch or snag on something, choking the child and causing injury or even death. Amber teething necklace makers do caution parents that babies and toddlers should never wear the jewelry while sleeping. However, an accident can occur any time of the day. If the necklace or bracelet breaks, the individual beads also have the potential to become a choking hazard. Dr. Valerie King, a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians Commission on Health of the Public and Science discourages “parents from treating their children with certain homeopathic remedies, such as teething tablets that contain belladonna and amber teething necklaces. Belladonna is a poison, and necklaces of any kind pose multiple safety risks with small children.”

Before parents try any type of remedy to relieve their child’s teething pain, they should consult their physician.

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