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If you’re currently a first-time member of the nine-month club, odds are high that you’re fully immersed in all-things-pregnancy and new baby. What to know, what to buy, what to expect… Here’s a new crop of pregnancy books for expectant mothers and dads too!

The Pregnancy Puzzle Book: Fun & Games to Get You Through the Whole 9 Months
By Erica Budge


Equal parts entertaining and educational, The Pregnancy Puzzle Book is a great gift for any newly pregnant woman. Every week of the full 40 are accounted for and feature everything from wordsearches and code puzzles to crosswords and wordplays. Clearly written with the pregnant woman in mind, each week’s puzzles get easier and easier as pregnancy brain sets in. A fun way to pass the time whether before bed, on bed rest or while waiting to push.

Dad’s Expecting Too!
By Harlan Cohen


Sure, women get all the attention during a pregnancy. After all, it’s sort of front-and-center for the world to see. But lest we forget the male counterparts who also contributed to the conception, Harlan Cohen is making sure that the dads out there are in-the-know and a part of things as well! Dad’s Expecting Too! is like a dude’s guide to understanding the most inner-workings of the entire nine months. From tips from veteran dads to illustrations of the week-by-week growth of the baby, all the bases are covered including the most mysterious and oft-feared pregnancy topics: pregnancy sex! For the soon-to-be daddy, this is the perfect new read.

The Birth Partner (Fourth Edition)
By Penny Simkin


Revered by many as a pregnancy companion’s bible, The Birth Partner is an all-encompassing guide to every aspect of late pregnancy, labor, delivery and early post-partum. Everything is written with the companion in mind—be it a spouse, birthing partner or doula—and helps equip the partner with knowledge of what to expect as well as insight into what can help, when to step in and when to step aside. For those who like to go through life eyes-wide-open, this is the book for you!

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The Baby Names Almanac: 2014
By Emily Larson


You’ve got Apple, Bear Blue, Jermajesty … oh, and North,  of course. But for the rest of us who don’t enjoy celebrity status and require over-the-top names that go with it, there are alternatives. And they can be found in The Baby Names Almanac: 2014. Enjoy an exhaustive list of name options for both boys and girls, as well as past years’ top names, tips for name selection and unofficial predictions for names that will be just as cool years from now—and ones that won’t! You only have nine months to select the perfect name; you better get to reading!

The Attachment Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide to Bonding With Your Baby
By Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters


For expecting mothers wanting to practice attachment parenting, this is a great introductory read that can kickstart the practice while Mom is still pregnant. Founded on the belief that a happy, healthy mom grows a happy, healthy baby, The Attachment Pregnancy focuses heavily on being present in mind, body and spirit so as to nurture a stress-free pregnancy. With tips and suggestions for meditation and stress reduction, the book is divided into three easy-to-navigate sections by trimester. An interesting, thoughtful read even if attachment parenting isn’t on your radar.

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