When to Start Your Back-to-School Routine

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When to Start Your Back to School Routine

Some of you may be the lucky few who have children who are chomping at the bit to get back to school. However, most kids have a tough time making the adjustment. They’re used to staying up and being able to follow their own schedules, doing whatever they enjoy. School means getting back into a routine and buckling down in the classroom. As fall approaches, try the following tips to make that back-to-school routine go smoothly.

Start Now with Baby Steps
The first thing that you can do is drop comments about school on occasion. Talk about classes, friends, and teachers. Ask your child to think about highlights in the previous school year and things to look forward to in the future.

Spread Out Shopping Trips
Rather than wait until the last minute and one big, back-to-school, shopping extravaganza, pick up odds and ends a little bit at a time. Grab that lunchbox on sale or that backpack that’s a really great deal. Do the same with supplies. Do shoe shopping one week, go for jeans another, and buy shirts at a later time. Your child won’t feel overwhelmed.

Consider Having Some Structure at Home
If your child has been left to his or her own devices for the first half of summer, consider starting a schedule. Set a limit on games or television, make a list of chores for each day, and set aside a time for reading and writing. Make reading fun by joining your child. It could be the Sunday comics, magazines, or any book of choice. Writing could mean a journal, a crossword book, or letters to friends and family.

Set a Bedtime Again
In the last few weeks of summer, make sure your child starts going to bed at a normal time. It is going to take some getting used to after being able to stay up all hours. The last thing you want is for your child to be dragging his or her feet.

Do the Final Countdown
In the last week before school, go over questions and concerns your child might have. Lay out the supplies and clothes to prove everything is ready.

Put thought and care in helping children adjust to the return to school. There will be fewer bumps in the road. Make that time of year as painless as possible.

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