10 Kid-Safe Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

By Lauren Amundrud on October 17, 2016

Step aside, carving kits! You won’t need bulky knives, power tools, or even hot glue guns for any of these 10 fun (and kid-safe) pumpkin decorating ideas.


Glittered Pumpkins

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Cover your pumpkin with spray adhesive and let the fun begin! We know what you're thinking... just be sure to place a layer of newspaper down before you start, and cleanup will be a breeze.



Confetti Pumpkins

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Mod Podge and confetti make for just about the cutest pumpkins we've ever seen.

Cloudy Day Gray


Stenciled Pumpkins

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Find your favorite fall-themed adhesive stencils, and paint away!

Martha Stewart


Melted Crayon Pumpkin

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Kids love watching colorful crayon wax melt and drip over their pumpkins, creating cool designs. And all you need is a hair dryer!

Dream A Little Bigger


Hand Sketched Sharpie Pumpkins

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Do your little ones love to color? Lay out a selection of markers, and you're in business. (Heads up—you'll want to supervise if you're dealing with permanent markers.)

The Happy Housie


Duck Tape Mummy Pumpkins

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Craft tape can transform any pumpkin in a hurry. Throw in some self-adhesive googly eyes, and you've got yourself a spooky Halloween mummy in minutes.

Bliss At Home


Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkin

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Dip pumpkins in your favorite neon colors for an unexpected take on pumpkin decor.

A Night Owl Blog


Crayon Scribble Pumpkin

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A white pumpkin is the perfect blank canvas to showcase your kids' artistic talents.

The Swell Designer


DIY Donut Pumpkins

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You'll never look at pumpkins (or donuts) the same way again...

Studio DIY


Galaxy Art Pumpkin

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Whether you paint a galaxy nebula or go for an entirely abstract look, this pumpkin DIY is totally out of this world.

The Swell Designer