10 Memorable Graduation Gifts

Gifts for a Graduate

The school year is coming to a close, and we are ready for cookouts, hikes, swimming and all sorts of summertime fun. But first, let's celebrate the graduates who have a few short months (or less!) at home. Sentimentality is at its peak, but what graduates really want is something they'll remember long after they leave the nest. We have some ideas that just might do the trick.

Kate Spade "One in a Million" Pendant

This pendant necklace is classy, well-made and memorable. The back reads "One in a Million," and the front has the graduate's initial. It can easily be worn every day as a reminder of your love.

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36 Hours USA & Canada

Traveling around the world may not be an option for your high school graduate, but some weekend trips will be a must! 36 Hours was compiled from years of the New York Times' "36 Hours" column, with expert advice on 36-hour trips across the U.S. It's a much more practical (and safe) guide to exercising some new-found freedom.

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Sassy Coffee Cup

True, this isn't the sweetest gift per say, but once your graduate gets to college there will be icky caf food, springy mattresses and all-nighters galore. This mug has just the right amount of sass to get them through the day with a sense of motivation to boot.

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University Bookstore Gift Card

Getting the graduate a gift card to their future university is a great way to go. It builds off the pre-existing excitement for the next (hopefully no more than) four years of school. It's both practical and personal-a real win/win.

One Line a Day Memory Book

This five-year memory book has a space on each line for a memory of the day. It's the best way for a new college student to record the next crazy five years of their life, especially when it becomes overwhelmingly busy. It's a thoughtful gift that will allow them to relive their youth in the years ahead.

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An Experience

Bungee jumping, hang-gliding and skydiving are truly unforgettable experiences. While an adventure may not be tangible in the same way other gifts are, there's nothing as bonding as an out-of-the-ordinary experience done together. Extreme sports not your graduate's thing? Try planning a day trip around their favorite things that you can do together.

Cute Cash

It's true, a lot of graduates just want cash-and that's not a bad thing. The classic card route is definitely kosher, but this DIY diploma and cap craft is the perfect way to give cash with class (and a memorable way at that).

Learn more: Bunches and Bits


Portable Speakers

This gift is a bit more practical than others on the list, but its sheer usefulness will make it a memorable gift even beyond its working years. There's nothing young adults love more than being able to play music at their leisure wherever and whenever-this gift will do the trick.

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Handmade Quilts

Let's face it, the most memorable gifts are always made by hand, and a handmade quilt is an indispensable heirloom that is practical, durable and stitched with love. They'll feel the hugs from home every time they snuggle in.

Monogrammed Pen and Pencil Set

Pens are, of course, a must-have for any student. And these come in a beautiful black wooden box and can be monogramed for a personal touch.

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