15 Easy DIY Kids Halloween Costumes


Trick or Treat!

It's nearly upon us-the candy, the bright-eyed porch pumpkins, the neighborhood-wide festive fare and all the little creatures of the night running door to door with big smiles and even bigger sugar appetites.

With Halloween and all its promising fun just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the costume your little one will be outfitted in, and we don't mean spending tons of money ordering pre-made attire-or laboring for hours over a sewing machine after a long workday. The internet is full of tons of great costume ideas that don't require anything more than a short afternoon of crafting and supplies you probably already have laying around the house!

To get your creative juices flowing, we've included 18 of our favorite, no-fuss DIY Halloween costumes for kids of any age.

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Carl from the movie "Up"

As if Pixar's favorite tiny, old man (aka Carl from the movie "Up") isn't adorable enough on his own, this animation-inspired costume is almost too much cuteness to handle. And it's super easy, too. All you'll need is a bow tie, some oversized glasses, a cozy cardigan, PVC pipe and a handful of balloons to make this look come to life.

Karen Cline/Pretty Simple Productions


You'll only need to round up five materials for this snail costume-brown craft paper, masking tape, a headband, styrofoam balls and ribbon-all of which can be found easily at your local dollar store. Even better? This cute and not-so-slimy getup looks like it cost a lot more.


Rubiks Cube

Not to worry moms and dads-making a Rubik's Cube costume is infinitely easier than solving the puzzle! Plus, it's the perfect way to repurpose an empty cardboard box we're sure you have lying around the house!


Bag of Jelly Beans

It doesn't get much more occasion-appropriate (or hilariously fun) than turning your kid into a bag of candy-just before he goes out to collect more candy.


Wind-Up Doll

So you need to create a Halloween costume, and all you have to work with are some random crafting supplies, a couple of cute dresses and some paint? No problem! Get the gears turning and set this adorable wind-up doll costume into motion!



You can't seem to keep your kid off his smartphone, so you might as well turn him into one! This iPhone costume requires only 6 items-and very little crafting skill-to create/


Mac 'N' Cheese

They say you are what you eat, so why not help your kid turn into everyone's favorite cheesy comfort food for the night? And the best part about this mac 'n' cheese costume is the fact that it's just as easy and affordable to make as the popular blue boxes-but a lot healthier!


Scuba Diver

If you have some old swimming googles lying around, plus some empty 2-liter soda bottles, you have everything you need to create a fun Halloween costume that is sure to bring out the inner scuba diver in your child!



You can't go wrong with the funny and loveable little yellow guys from Despicable Me, and this Minions costume only requires making the eyeball-adorned cap!



Take an ultra-vintage approach to costuming this year, and put together a rugged, DIY Viking costume to conquer the night's festivities.


Little Old Lady

Remember Carl from the movie Up at the beginning of our list? Well, we're convinced this little old lady costume is his match made in cuteness-overload heaven.


Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure

There's nothing easier than drawing a stick figure, and when it comes to Halloween costumes, there's certainly nothing easier than piecing together this fun and unique glow-in-the-dark stick figure costume. The neighborhood will get a kick out of the mini stick man running through the streets, and your kiddo will love that the costume works best in the dark.


Flower Pot

Create this darling flower pot costume, and bring a little floral cheer to the endless parade of ghouls and goblins that will haunt your neighborhood.


Upside-Down Man

This upside-down man costume is a creative take on everyday wear that will have everyone questioning which way's up and down-and it's great for kids who want to get in the Halloween spirit without dressing up like a character.


Paint Brush and Palette

Gear your trick-or-treater up to paint the town in rainbow strokes with this masterpiece-ready, life-sized paintbrush and palette costume.

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