7 Clever Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy


Too Many Treats?

It's bound to happen: Your kids will head out for trick-or-treating in their costume finery; they'll hit all the right neighborhoods; and they'll return home with the biggest candy haul ever. They'll be ecstatic and dripping in Sweet Tarts and Snickers bars, but they can only handle so much sugar. So while you'd probably like to just throw it away (after you pick out all the chocolate, of course), we've got some clever ideas for what you can do with all that leftover Halloween candy instead.


Freeze It!

No one ever said that Halloween candy had to be eaten right after Halloween. Freezing it ensures that you'll always have something sweet on-hand-without last minute trips to the store. Here are some tips on freezing candy, so you can pull some out for ice cream toppings, pinata stuffings or other sweet treats!

No Time for Flashcards

Teach With It!

There are a lot of "sweet" opportunities to teach with candy-like this Candy Corn Math, for example. And using candy as a teaching tool (with a promise to eat after the lesson is over) is obviously a great way to keep kids engaged.

Housing a Forest

Craft With It!

Who knew that candy could look so good! With this tutorial, you'll learn how to turn all kinds of sweet treats into easy painting supplies!


Bake With It!

What's better than candy? Candy-stuffed desserts! These Loaded Halloween Brownies are so decadent, it's almost scary.

Kinzie's Kreations

Say Thank You!

Who in your life could use a little extra appreciation? A gift bag using leftover candy could be a great way to thank teachers, mailmen or other people important to your family. Check out this tutorial that includes free gift bag printables!

Kid's Health

Experiment With It!

Who knew there were so many mysteries behind our favorite confections? There are dozens of candy experiments out there that can be both fun and educational. Here's a experiment that creates a "chocolate bloom" and some interesting science behind it!


Donate It!

There's no sweeter way to make use of leftover candy than sharing it with someone else. Operation Gratitude will ship your candy overseas to put a smile on the face of a solider.

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