The Best New Items for On-the-Go With Baby

Chicco Neuvo Travel System

A day out with Baby shouldn’t be a recipe for fumbling over carseats and strollers. Make things a cinch with Chicco’s new Neuvo travel system. A super-simple folding stroller is just the tip of the iceberg; the system’s included infant seat is simple to snap in and out. When Baby outgrows it, she can truly enjoy the top-of-the-line stroller features, which include but aren’t limited to an in-tray cupholder, padded straps, adjustable sun canopy, reclining seat, adjustable leg rest and a smooth-like-a-Cadillac ride. Mom and Dad will enjoy the cup holders and storage tray up top, the roomy storage basket underneath and the overall easy maneuverability. An all-around win! Available in three color options for $279.99.

Kalencom Buckle Diaper Bag

Fashion-forward moms, this is the diaper bag that will make you the envy of any mom circle. The Kalencom Buckle Diaper Bag is not only amazing looking, but the functionality is impeccable as well. The easy-clean exterior is trumped only by the design: pockets, pockets and more pockets! Store your diapers and wipes inside with the included changing pad; stash an extra sippy cup or two in the side pockets. And if you have a bottle you need to keep cool, zip it up into the included, insulated bottle pouch. Also included is a handy zipper pouch, which is perfect for dirty duds, spare pacis or anything else you need to keep at the ready. Available in countless design options for $90.

Joovy Babasling

Whether you're having lunch with friends, a quiet morning at the library or coffee shop, or are simply window shopping down Main Street, Baby's always an easy companion to have along when you have a Joovy BabaSling. A perennial favorite of the baby-wearing crowd, the BabaSling makes carrying baby both convenient and comfortable. Easy to maneuver, the sling offers six different positioning options for newborns up to 2-year-olds—7.7 - 33 pounds. Perfect for a napping baby or one who's ready to breastfeed, the BabaSling comes with a handy pouch making it ideal to toss in the diaper bag and have at the ready. Available in a variety of colors for $99.99.

Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod

When Baby drops the paci, grab the Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod and get her a fresh one. The pint-sized pod features an easy-open zipper; inside, stow a paci on each side via the two elastic straps. The TEFLON-coated nylon keeps stains at bay, and the antimicrobial lining keeps the paci pristine until ready for use. The swivel latch makes attaching the pod to a diaper bag or stroller a cinch! Keeping Baby pacified has never been easier … the best $10 you’ll ever spend! Available in a variety of patterns for $10 each.

The Peanut Shell Carrier Cushion

New moms and veterans alike know how beat up the nook of your arm can get hauling the infant carseat in and out of the car, in and out of the strollers, in and out and in and out … OUCH! Behold, the Peanut Shell Carrier Cushion! The super-padded cushion offers a universal fit on all infant carriers and adheres with a sturdy Velcro strip. Once applied, hang a couple of Baby’s favorite toys by the two attached loops, and voila! Happy Mom and happy Baby! Bonus? It’s machine washable! Available in a variety of patterns for $12.99 each.

Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer

Organized moms can’t stand the thought of a disorderly stroller. Keep things tidy even on the go with the Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer. The neoprene pouch is simple to attach to most strollers. The main console features two insulated cupholders and a center space that’s perfect for storing anything from keys and toys to pacis and more. Keep your valuables on your person with the zip-off removable clutch, which is perfect for running errands on foot when the stroller stays parked outside. Convenience and organization? A Type A mom’s dream! Available in black or platinum for $20 each.

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch

For quick trips when you don't need the entire diaper bag of tricks, opt for something simpler with a stylish Wipe Me Cute diaper clutch. The front section holds enough wipes to get you through several changes—even the messiest ones. And the main compartment easily stashes two to three diapers—the perfect amount for a few errands or a playdate with friends. Thanks to the "parent pocket," you can even ditch your purse as there's ample storage for keys, a cell phone and your ID and debit card. The 100 percent oilcloth makes keeping it clean a snap, and the handy strap makes attaching it to the stroller easy peasy. And after all, isn't that what all parents want? Available in several patterns for $39.99.

Boppy Way to Go Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding moms who enjoy a bit of modesty will appreciate th Boppy Way to Go Nursing Cover. The lightweight cover easily straps around Mom’s neck and drapes loosely over baby, providing plenty of air to avoid a stuffing snacktime. Perhaps the most genius of features, though, is the Slideline ring. Slide it to the side you last nursed on, and forget about it. The next time you nurse, you’ll know which side to start on. Sheer brilliance! When you’re finished, tuck the cover neatly into the attached pouch and toss it back in the diaper bag. Convenience at it’s finest! Available in four different patterns for $26.99 each.

Boppy Travel Pillow

A Boppy is a new mom staple these days, and now, moms can take the Boppy convenience with them no matter where they’re headed with the Boppy Travel Pillow. Truly portable, the Boppy Travel Pillow zips up for on-the-go; once unzipped, it unfolds into a traditional Boppy, perfect for nursing or reinforcing beginning sitters. The adjustable shoulder strap and fold-over zipper pocket up the convenience factor, but the beauty—as with most-things-Baby—lies in the fact that it’s machine washable. Available for $41.99.

The Bumble Collection On the Go Kit

Whether you’re planning a day filled with errands or a playdate at the park, a prepared mom is a happy mom. Be armed with the necessities whatever your plans entail with the Bumble Collection On the Go Kit. The thick, nylon, easy-to-wipe-clean bag features ample pockets for storing anything from bottles and binkies to diapers and wipes. See-through compartments make finding things a snap, and an included changing pad is simply the icing on the cake! Available in two pattern options for $65 each.

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