Celebrate Earth Day as a Family


Celebrate Earth Day as a Family

April 22 is Earth Day. This year celebrate Mother Earth with these 10 fun blogger-inspired ideas. Give back to our planet and promote eco-friendly habits all in the name of family fun!


Egg Carton Flowers & Bugs

Turning leftover garbage into clever crafts, Marie’s sustainable art projects, featured on Make and Takes, offer eco-friendly fun for the entire family. With a simple egg carton, Mom can fashion a beautiful vase of recycled “flowers” that promise to never wilt, while kiddos can assemble adorable, googly eyed critters. We love that this craft teaches kids its okay to play with their trash!


Plant-able Paper

This plant-able paper makes an amazing gift in lieu of a bouquet of flowers. Better for the environment (and your wallet!), these stunning paper circles flecked with seeds will grow into a beautiful patch of wildflowers. For a craft that gives back to Mother Earth, check out Ellen’s creative idea over at Alpha Mom.


Bottle Cap Memory Game

Making use of plastic waste is a fantastic and easy way to teach the whole gang about eco-friendly habits. Chances are, you already have your fair of share of water bottle or soda caps on hand. Follow Gina’s lead and turn them into a simple, family-friendly memory game that gives your brain a workout and gives the landfills a break.


Upcycled Herb Garden

These up-cycled tin cans used to be containers for formula, soups and canned veggies. Now, these elegant potters house an environmentally friendly herb garden! Try Vanessa’s idea featured on Food Opera, and plant a pizza- or Mexican-themed herb garden to get the whole family excited about these Earth-friendly accoutrements bound to give dinnertime a fresh and tasty boost!


Vegetarian Dinner

Did you know that giving up meat is beneficial to the planet? Eating a vegetarian diet can help combat global warming, rainforest destruction and pollution. Not to mention, it saves the lives of many of Mother Earth’s most precious creatures! Kristin’s delectable recipe, on Iowa Girl Eats, uses locally grown, organic and meat-free ingredients straight from the farmers’ market to create a dish that is completely eco-friendly—and totally delicious.


Recycled Birdfeeder

This ultra-simple upcycled bird feeder is an Earth Day activity for all ages. An old milk carton becomes the perfect way to make some new feathered friends thanks to Allison at No Time For Flash Cards. The whole family will love getting front row seats to watch the local birds that come visit your homemade feeder.


Recycled Pinwheel

Using well-worn book pages or old thrift store reads, Vanessa of blog Tried & True explains how to make a cost-effective, recycled pinwheel. Festive? Yes. But even better, pinwheels are the perfect Earth Day activity to teach kids about sustainable energy as they demonstrate on a smaller scale how wind turbines work to generate power.


Earth Day Pledge Printable

Ning’s cute, printable Earth Day template holds the whole family accountable in bettering our Earth. Have everyone fill out a pledge card to ensure that your entire clan is on the go-green bandwagon. Then, make sure to print on recycled paper and hang the finished products on the fridge, reminding everyone of their eco-friendly commitment.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

What better way to honor Mother Earth than by exploring the great outdoors? Erin’s outdoor scavenger hunt from How to Nest for Less is a fun and engaging way to get kids and adults excited about the range of beauty nature has to offer. This completely free activity can be performed anywhere, and teaches the entire family how to love and respect our planet.


DIY Recycling Bin

A DIY recycling bin is as green as it gets! There’s no need to go out and purchase a plastic container to serve as your recycling hub when you can make your very own receptacle. Reuse an old cardboard box, decorate with recycled materials, and voila! Kersey’s genius idea is shockingly simple, yet it truly drives home the importance of preserving our planet.

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