Kitchen Tools to Get Kids Cooking


Chef'n Veggie Chop

Studies show that kids who help with cooking are more likely to try new foods. So for parents who are struggling to get their kids to eat more produce, the Veggie Chop by Chef'n is a clear solution. With no electricity needed, kids can grab the easy-pull handle which causes the interior blade to spin and instantly chop whatever is in the base. The chopper is safe but powerful-so powerful, in fact, that it even chops ice.



ChicWrap Plastic Wrap Dispenser

There are few things more frustrating than trying to put away leftovers with a ball of crumpled plastic wrap. Thanks to ChicWrap's innovative plastic wrap dispenser with clean-cutting slide that allows for safe and effortless cutting, your kids will beg to help clean up. And you won't have to worry about nicked fingers!

(ChicWrap also makes separate dispensers for parchment paper and foil.)


TippiTopper Fruit Seasonings

Little kids typically have limited palates, so getting them to try new flavors can be pretty difficult. TippiTopper has created a way for kids to ramp up the tastes of their favorite foods while also giving them the sense of "seasoning" a dish. The dried fruit powders are available in three flavors (fruit smoothie, banana bread and peanut butter & jelly) and can be used in a variety of ways: as a recipe ingredient, a way to add natural color to batters or as a replacement for artificial sprinkles.


FreshTape Food Bag Resealer

Next time you have a partially used bag of chocolate chips left after baking cookies, don't worry about transferring them to another container. Kids will love resealing food bags of all kinds (including potato chips and other snacks) with FreshTape's adhesive strips that look cool and stay sticky.


Chef'n PalmPeeler

Peeling veggies like potatoes and carrots is often one of the first tasks kids ask to help out with in the kitchen. Unfortunately, with standard vegetable peelers and their oblong, exposed blades, that can be a pretty dangerous endeavor. With with the PalmPeeler by Chef'n, kids can slip the sleek device over their finger, tuck it into their palm and peel anything without worry of the blade slipping and cutting them.


Chef'n GarlicZoom XL

Everybody loves the incredible zest that garlic adds to almost any dish, but nobody actually likes to chop it. But with Chef'n's GarlicZoom XL, you can now pass the job to your child. Parents load the garlic cloves into the GarlicZoom and then let their kids roll the machine back and forth-like a Hot Wheels car for garlic!-without having to worry about them cutting their fingers.

Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett Kid's Apron

If nothing else gets your kids excited about cooking in the kitchen, a sleek and stylish apron should certainly do the trick. Hedley & Bennett's aprons for kids come in an array of styles suitable for boys and girls, and they're built to last with stitching, cloth, straps and hardware that have all been designed for a professional kitchen. Adds Ellen Bennett, the creative force behind Hedley & Bennett, "They're exact replicas of aprons that chefs from Mario Batali to Tyler Florence are wearing."

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