Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas

Forget Fright Night...

It might hold its place on our calendars as the most spook-tacular holiday of the year, but celebrating Halloween doesn't necessarily have to scare you out of your mind and leave you going to sleep with one eye open. Far smaller kids, especially, putting a lighthearted spin on Halloween can be just as fun. So, in the spirit of kid-friendly fun and excitement, we've rounded up some milder-but no less memorable-themes for a laugh-filled, scream-free night under the full moon!


Black Cat Ball

Instead of going the creepy route, why not take the classy path and host a fancy-dress, ball-themed soiree? Turn your All Hallows Eve bash into a masquerade-themed party and invite all your kiddo's friends to show up in disguise. Or, if you're feeling extra crafty, set up a disguise-assembling station at the party and let everyone DIY their own masks!

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Pretty My Party

Halloween Candy Land

Everyone knows that a kid's Halloween excitement revolves largely around a night full of sugary treats, so why not turn it into a full-blown party theme? Set up candy-themed decorations, play an assortment of fun games where winners can earn even more candy, and, of course, have a whole lot of the stuff lying around to complete the sugar-filled wonderland effect. It will be a party every attendee is sure to remember and want to come back to year after year.

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Costume Swap Soiree

Take the age-old costume party idea to a new, unique level by adding an element of surprise to the game. Have each party comer bring one of their favorite costumes from years past to the gathering, and then have all the attendees swap costumes with one another and play dress-up at the party. Mix and match costumes for a some extra silly fun; get the camera ready; and prepare for a night full of laughs.

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Better Homes and Gardens

Circus Show Party

Channel all that spooktacular energy into creating something fun and unforgettable with a circus-themed party. Pull out all the stops with Halloween-themed circus fare, including a variety of games, food and DIY attractions (think amateur magic tricks, dressed-up clowns making balloon animals, etc.). For fun keepsakes, set up a photo booth decked in circus decor so partiers can document the party in a fun, interactive way.

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Pumpkin Decorating Party

No matter what age you are, decorating pumpkins for Halloween remains a fun tradition through and through. Skip out on the fright-night monster mayhem and have your kids invite their friends over for a night of imaginative pumpkin decorating, with no limit to the ways they can dress them up. Not an advocate of pumpkin carving at an all-kid party? Sharp utensils aren't necessary to make those masterpieces shine; use these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas as a reference in stocking your art supplies. And if you wanted to introduce a little more excitement to the mix, try initiating a competitive edge with a pumpkin-decorating contest.


Silly-Spooky Halloween Treasure Hunt

Give trick-or-treating a whole new meaning by having your kids and their friends run around solving silly puzzles and searching for the next clue in hopes of finding the ultimate Halloween treasure trove (we're sure they'll all be fine with a big box of candy)!

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