Ten Fun Ways to Enjoy Labor Day with Your Family


Itu2019s All About Being Together

Every year, Labor Day marks the unofficial beginning of fall and the end of summer. Saying goodbye to the carefree days of July and August can be hard for some-especially as school starts up and most families are busy keeping up with activity overload-but Labor Day doesn't have to signal the end of fun. In fact, the three-day weekend is the perfect excuse to have a little extra fun. Here are ten family-friendly ways to celebrate and make this Labor Day a holiday to remember.


Take a Day Trip

With an extra day off from work and school, a quick, mini-vacay becomes totally doable. Try visiting that big city within driving distance that you've been dying to explore, or spend a long afternoon at a state park or historic sight in your area. The possibilities are endless, and there are no rules against mixing a little education with your fun!

One Good Thing by Jillee

Host a Family Olympics

Make the most of the season's remaining warm and sunny days by hosting your very own Family Olympics! Get in the Summer 2016 spirit early with easy challenges like an egg toss or wheelbarrow race, or go all out and turn your lawn into a giant Twister board.


Thank a Worker

Labor Day was declared a national holiday with the intent for folks to honor the spirit and ethic of American workers, so why not take this opportunity to thank a few people who make your life a little easier? Enlist your kids to bake some homemade treats for your mail carrier or deliver hand made thank-you cards to the local fire department.



There's no better way to teach the value of care and concern for others, while honoring those who have had an impact on your life, than by paying it forward through volunteer work. Many organizations host fundraisers or special events around Labor Day; get the whole family involved by having your kids choose the organizations they'd most like to serve.


Go Camping (In Your Backyard!)

No need for a road map or extra tank of gas for this one-camping can be just as fun from the comfort of your own backyard. Roast some s'mores over a fire (or barbecue pit, to keep it simple), and lay out some blankets to look at the stars together. Actually "roughing it" in a tent: completely optional.


Go to a Sporting Event

Kicking back and relaxing as a family at a baseball or football game is a great way to enjoy Labor Day. Check your local sports teams' schedules and see if they have any games over the long weekend. And don't limit yourself to the pros-college and high school games can be just as exciting, and the snacks are a lot cheaper!


Explore Your Hometown

Even if you've lived in your hometown all your life, you'd be surprised at how much there's left to explore. Try venturing into a neighborhood or suburb that you've never visited, and you may run right into a special Labor Day-themed event or festival. It's a great way to experience your city in a new way, and it's guaranteed to be good fun!


Host a Back to School Party

What's better than a family get together? LOTS of families getting together! Invite the families of your children's friends over for a potluck or BBQ. It's a great way to celebrate the beginning of the school year and get to know the other children your kiddos will be spending the year with.


Learn Something Together

Pick something your family has never done before-fishing, painting, etc.-and spend some time learning something new. The possibilities (and memories you'll make) are endless!


Make Something for Your Home

What a better way to remember a fantastic weekend spent together than with a handmade keepsake for your home that you can hang on the wall for all to see? The blogosphere is rife with ideas, but we really love this fun and easy family handprint canvas art.

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