The 6 Subscription Boxes Every Mom Needs

There's a box for that

Are you a tea lover looking for ways to try different loose-leaf blends, or a pet owner always on the hunt for cool, new pooch products? Whatever your interests, there's a box for that-specifically, a subscription box.

We're not sure who first came up with the idea to have a box of your favorite goodies delivered right to your doorstep every month, but we think it's a genius idea-especially for moms who are too short on time to wade through crowded shopping malls and Target stores. But we also know that with so many subscription boxes available, it can be hard to choose the ones that are the best value. So with that in mind, we've narrowed the endless sea of subscription boxes down to the 7 must-haves that every mom needs.

Kith & Kin

As much as you love your little Michaelangelo wannabes, it's hard to find a place to display all their impromptu art projects. And if we're being completely honest, not all of them are worthy of display (c'mon, you can admit it).

Enter Kith & Kin. This genius box delivers everything necessary for your kids to create a project that you'll actually want to keep-no pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks included. Each kit is designed by a jewelry designer, illustrator or other artist to ensure high standard, and the DIT (do-it-together) foster parent-child bonding.

Cost: $29.99/month, $85/3 months, $160/6 months, $299/1 year

Fab Kids

We don't know too many moms who don't enjoy a little retail therapy every now and then-that is, when they're buying stuff for themselves. Shopping for kids clothes, on the other hand? Not so much fun.

Fab Kids delivers a monthly box that'll keep your kids outfitted in the latest trends, without you having to step foot in a shopping mall again. All the clothes are Fab Kids exclusive and designed by the San Francisco-based design team. And at a cost of $29.95 ($9.95 the first month), you'll get a complete outfit delivered every 30 days.

Mommy's Toolbox

For new moms, learning how to care for a tiny infant is intimidating enough. But walking into a store and seeing the 50 brands of diaper cream and 72 varieties of baby lotion can send you right over the edge.

Mommy's Toolbox is a monthly subscription of core essentials that will help moms "try before they buy" on everything baby will need from birth through 12 months. The focus is on essentials (think diapers, balms and teething products) as opposed to toys, and at $15 a month, the cost makes this subscription a no-brainer.

Pampered Teacher

Outside of a spouse or other close family member, teachers are arguably the most important adults in our kids lives, and due to crazy work schedules, they often spend more time with our kids than we do. It makes sense, then, that we show our appreciation with birthday and holiday gifts, but the only question is: What do we get?

Pampered Teacher takes all the guesswork out of showing a teacher love with regular boxes full of a variety of products curated specifically for educators, with items for work (like super-cute and practical lunchboxes) and life (trendy jewelry pieces).

Cost: $29/1-time box, $83/3-month subscription, $162/6-month subscription

Saloon Box

Once you have kids, you barely have time for the basics of life. Suddenly, you're lucky to squeeze in a couple showers a week, so having a round of cocktails on date night (or girls' night) is virtually out of the question.

Saloon Box transforms your kitchen counter into your favorite bar, with boxes that deliver everything you need for two perfectly mixed drinks. The cocktails are curated by top bartenders in San Francisco, and with small, instead of full-sized, bottles of liquor, Saloon Box keeps your cost-and the need to store some rarely-used spirit-low.

Cost: $32.50/month


Even if alcohol isn't your de-stressor of choice, if you're a mom you still need a way to calm down from the busy-ness of life. Named for the Hawaiian word for plumeria-a flower that represents new life-Pumeli is a subscription service that gives moms permission to relax and not feel guilty about it.

Each box includes an artisanal tea, a beautiful, hand-crafted journal to capture your thoughts, inspire your creativity and bring perspective to your feelings, as well as other handcrafted goods that empower artisans around the world while encouraging you to take some deep breaths and enjoy life.

At $49.95 a month, Pumeli is more expensive than other subscriptions, but we think the (extremely) high quality of the products, and the overwhelming sense of peace and calm that seem to emanate from the box are well worth the price.

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